Betting fatigue – the worst enemy

You would think that the biggest enemies of the betting punters are the bookmakers or the unpredictability of football matches. Actually they are not. The biggest enemy is hiding somewhere else. If you think more deeply you will find out that the advantage of betting houses is not more than 5%. However, there are many ways this advantage to be compensated. The unpredictability of football matches and other sporting events is not such an overwhelming thing too. You need a careful analysis and monitoring. If you do that it is possible to achieve sufficiently strong success rate, which will beat the five percent advantage of bookmakers.

Actually, the biggest enemy of every punter is the fatigue. Mental and physical fatigue because of all this thinking and pushing to find the best matches to bet on. Constant fear that this game may not be accurate is also strong enough to cause dangerous fatigue. The fear that you will lose money is another thing to consider. betting fatigueAll this leads to the accumulation of mental fatigue, which affects directly the efficiency of the punters.

Maybe you have noticed that when you start betting in the first two or even three weeks almost everybody has success. You know what people call it – beginner’s luck. Actually it’s not about luck. It’s about strong concentration and huge interest in the game.

Unfortunately, we cannot keep ourselves constantly focused. At one point, we will inevitably lose concentration and this will be disastrous for our bets. The time given to find exact matches to bet is decreasing and this decreases our results too.

To make things worse, by lowering the success rate naturally we lower our confidence in our own abilities to find the best matches and thus our results worsen too.

This is precisely the reason for the failure of most bettors. Unfortunately there is no remedy against this phenomenon in betting. It is not very clear whether there will ever be a solution.

Naturally, the simplest solution is to monitor the results. Then when they fall below a certain percentage of success to take a pause. However, this requires extreme discipline that is not within the reach of everyone. Another option is not to bet too often, but if you do that you surely will have a fall in the profit because of small number of bets you have made, despite the higher success rate.

Whether you will be able to find a solution to the problem of fatigue, the least you can do is keep it in mind when making your predictions. This will surely help you in betting and limit your losses.