How to choose the correct bookmaker?

This is an essential question when we talk about betting because it can give us the so needed advantage to beat the bookies.

Every bookmaker has a small advantage compared to every punter and this advantage is called margin. A margin is the difference between the correct odds and the real odds given by the bookie. If you have a match with two possible outcomes every of which with 50% probability to happen the correct odds must be 2, right? However, the bookie is giving just 1.91. The difference is the called margin and it is the advantage that the bookie has compared to the punter.

So, if you chose a bookmaker who uses a smaller margin you will have more chance to win. It is simple. If you have 5 bookmakers where you bet you will have even bigger chances to win because the odds are not the same for betting-slipthe different bookmakers. You will take the best odds and you will minimize the margin which will give you more chances to win. This is a must in betting.
Another important thing to consider except the margin when you are looking for betting houses is the bonuses you are going to get when you register. If you make a proper research you will find that most of the betting houses offer great starting bonuses. Some of them offer even a free bet option. This will help you start with your betting without risking your money. At least it will help you to bet more than you can afford in the beginning. The part with starting bonuses is important because if you make registration on five different bookmakers and take 50 pounds free money from every of them this will give you 250 pounds cash and this is a great option.

There is huge difference between fixed odds bookies and spread betting house. In the video below you will find some advices about these kind of houses

The final advice which I can give you when we talk about betting houses is – choose as big houses as you can. These bookmakers hold on to their names and will do whatever is necessary to keep their names clean. I am sure you will have no problems with them and if you have some they will be solved smoothly.

Wish you luck with your betting.

Who will be the new Euro champion – Italy vs Spain

Italy and Spain will decide which football team is the best in Europe in a clash which is a must see match. The final of the European championship is tonight at 20.45 and I will bet for Italy on this one. Here is why. I know Spain is the favorite here, but I believe Balotelli, Pirlo and co may surprise the Red armada.

Both teams already played in the group stage of the championship and the match ended with a draw 1:1. Italy’s defense made everything perfect in this match and held the Spanish midfielders so nothing threatened bet on italy against spainBuffon. The goal for Spain was made with a 20 meters shot which could be described as luck.

What will happen tonight? Well, I believe that Spain will play again with false nine with Fabregas in this role. Could it be an advantage for Spain? I don’t think so. Italy’s defense is more than capable to hold them with their perfect covering. The ball will be close to Italy’s net, but there will be no goal in it.

Italy’s defenders managed so far successfully to cover every empty space in front of Buffon and they do it perfectly. Without a heavy center forward for Spain like Torres, who to rip and attract defenders to him it will be very difficult for the Iberians to break the blue defense in this match.

The question seems to be – Is Italy able to score a goal or not? The problem is that Italy depends too much on Pirlo and if the Spaniards succeed to hold him harmless, the threat to their net will be really small. When we have such a situation, the quality of the attackers comes to the fore. Mario Balotelli and Antonio Cassano are not the people who use even the half chances, but Manchester City’s striker showed so far that this is his championship.

So after comparing the two defenses and the ability to score of Balotelli and Fabregas, I will go for an Italian victory in the match. Moreover, the coefficient for Italy as a final champion is more than good – 2.1, which makes me put my money on Italy as the new European champion.

Here is how Italy reached the final this year